“Whisper in Sunshine” Online Youth Mental Health Support Services

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In the face of ongoing social issues and the sudden onset of the pandemic, everyone hopes to emerge from the darkness and return to normalcy. For young people who have just entered society, they may feel particularly lost and burdened by increasing psychological stress.

In August 2020, the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong released a study on the mental distress among young people. It found that over 20% of young people experience “severe” to “extremely severe” levels of depression or anxiety, with various social pressures triggering different traumatic experiences.

Therefore, the Mental Health Foundation seeks public support to launch online mental health support groups. These groups aim to provide appropriate emotional support services to help young people aged 18-25 overcome traumatic experiences and navigate important stages in their lives.

With every HKD 30,000 raised, we can conduct an 8-session online mental health support group. Each group can accommodate 6-8 young individuals, with each session lasting 75-90 minutes. If the final amount raised does not reach a multiple of three, after deducting the costs for the maximum number of support groups that can be held, the remaining funds will be used to organize (online or in-person) mental health workshops. Supporters of this initiative will have priority access to these workshops.

Every dollar of your support is a force driving mental health forward!

*Donations of HKD 100 or more will receive a donation receipt.


The mission of the Mental Health Foundation is to mobilize social resources and bring together various professional teams to promote high-quality mental health services. With the expertise of foundation members and resources donated by compassionate individuals, the foundation tirelessly works to enhance the mental well-being of the community. You can also contribute!

You can make a difference by donating to the Mental Health Foundation through the following avenues:


You can donate through this website via Paypal.


Please screen cap the transaction after donation and send to info@hkmhf.org.


Please prepare a crossed cheque payable to the “Mental Health Foundation Limited”
with written donor’s name and contact no. at the back and send it to MHF
(Address: Room 626, Worldwide House, Des Voeux Road Central, Central).

Direct Transfer to MHF Account

Please make a direct transfer to the “Mental Health Foundation Limited” account:

HSBC 741-188726-838

and send the copy of bank pay-in-slip to info@hkmhf.org (with indicating donor’s name and contact no.).

*Please kindly provide donor’s address if donation receipt is needed.