COVID-19 Online Survey

“Under the pandemic, which plant can best reflect your stress resistance characteristics?”

In response to the severe COVID-19 situation, continuing pandemic prevention and social distancing measures had put a lot of pressure on our citizens. With this in mind, the Foundation had designed an online survey seeking to understand the stress index, anxiety and depression situation of Hongkongers under the pandemic.

The questionnaire not only enhanced participants’ understanding of their mental states, but also shared different exercises and tips for balancing mental and physical health. This activity had received an enthusiastic response. From August to the end of 2020, a total of 10,549 members of the public participated in this online survey. Among those aged 40 and below, they accounted for approximately 45% of the respondents, with about a quarter of them being unemployed.

Survey Result:

The results show that out of the 10,000 respondents surveyed in the past year, approximately half of them experienced moderate to severe anxiety and depression, with the employed individuals being affected more than the unemployed individuals. Half of the respondents felt lonely and experienced a sense of frustration in maintaining social distance. On the other hand, 60% of the respondents reported improved family relationships. The care and support from friends and family are crucial in helping everyone alleviate their emotions, feel less lonely, support each other, and overcome the anxiety and depression caused by the pandemic.

The Foundation held a media interview on 8 October 2020. Dr. Dick TING Sik Chuen, our Council Member and a psychiatrist specialist, announced the survey results and explained the correct attitude and ways to seek help when facing emotional problems. Anxiety disorder sufferer Rachel shared her recovery journey during the pandemic, reminding the public to address their emotional and mental issues as soon as possible.


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