Whisper in Sunshine Psychotherapy & Assessment


Service gap in existing mental health system and service The longest wait time for new case booking at Psychiatry Specialist Out-patient (SOP) Clinics of Hospital Authority (HA) is 131 weeks (approx. 2.5 yrs), (Hospital Authority, 2019). For children and adolescent, average wait time at Psychiatry SOP is 85 weeks (approx. 1.6 yrs) (Hospital Authority, 2017-18). For people with mental health issues, their mental stability and functioning of daily tasks of may be worsen due to long waiting period and lack of support.

In light of this, the foundation launched the “Whisper in sunshine” program, which aim at providing timely support to individuals on the waiting list, helping to alleviate emotional and psychological stress. Through music therapy, art therapy, and other approaches, participants can express themselves, explore their emotions, and enhance their mental well-being. Additionally, they can gain strength and support by sharing experiences and emotions with others.

Therapeutic benefits:

– Therapeutic benefits Therapy enhances one’s inner-awareness and enables people to pay attention to their unconscious and auto responses(Siegel, 2011)
– The process of inner-self reconstruction helps people to bring insight of their capabilities; and to support them in their emotional management, mental development and strength building.


Siegel, D. (2011). Mindsight-transforming Your Brain with the New Science of Kindness. London: Oneworld Publications.