Mental Wellness Tips

Slow down your pace

The rapid pace of society has brought a lot of pressure to daily life. Try to slow down your pace, pay attention to the details around you and breathing rhythm, listen to your needs and be kind to yourself.

Maintain physical health

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, a regular sleep habit, and daily exercise will bring you good physical strength and mental stability to face the challenges of life.

Maintain exercise habits

Exercise can release the happy hormone ” Endorphin ” in our brains, which helps making us feel happy and good, also helps reducing mental stress effectively. If you don’t have the habit of exercising, taking a 20-minute walk every day will be a good start. 

Develop social life

Sharing happiness and thoughts with friends and others help to relax and ease our feelings. Participating in different social activities and connecting with other people may bring new ideas or inspiration to our views on things.

Cultivation of hobbies

Participation in some interest groups and community activities not only can broaden our social circle, but it also motivate us to learn new things, maintain curiosity and be physically and mentally active.

Take the time to take care of yourself

For example, take a hot bath, dress up, listen to music, eat your favorite snacks, take your pet out for a walk, etc. These small things may seem trivial, but they do help creating a breathing space for ourselves.

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness training allows us to direct our focus to the presence and pay attention to our bodies, thoughts and feelings. You can practice mindfulness in your daily life, such as eating in silent, mindful walking, or body scan (observing the feeling of your whole body). When we calm down and pay attention carefully, we might start to notice interesting changes in the things around us, and at the same time we gain better awareness of our emotion.

Connect with nature

Activities in a natural environment such as walking in parks or hiking can help us relax and relieve stress. Watching videos about nature can also increase our positive emotions, satisfaction and joy, thus reducing feelings of anxiety and fatigue.