The “Night to Light” Program

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The “Night to Light” program is designed for young people aged 18 to 24, the program includes: outdoor group activities, psychotherapy support,  experience and knowledge sharing. The program is designed to provide interactive, inclusive and positive support to young people in need, to help them improve their mental health awareness and knowledge, and to enhance mental stability and self-confidence.

The process of the “Night to Light” program is as follows: 1) Hiking challenge; 2) Psychotherapy support; 3) Sharing moments.

1) Hiking challenge: outdoor activities led by certified instructors. The purpose of hiking is to encourage participants to challenge themselves and to explore the message of hope, resilience and perseverance. Each hike will have a psychiatrist and/or a person-in-recovery to participate in the sharing, to provide useful information and to help participants understand more about mental wellness.

2) Psychotherapy support: participants will participate in different individual/group psychotherapy sessions, such as creative art therapy, family therapy, yoga or laughter yoga exercises, mindfulness practice or cognitive behavioral therapy.

3) Sharing moments: participants who have completed the program will be invited to share their experiences with other young people.

Registration requirements:

Applicants must perform a DASS-21 assessment prior to registration and/or after completion of the program. DASS-21 is a set of three self-reporting scales designed to measure the emotional state of depression, anxiety and stress.

Enrollment of the “Night to Light” program will be opened in early 2020. The program is free of charge. For those who are interested to become volunteers of this program and for those who would like sign up in advance, please feel free to contact us.