The “Gatekeeper” School Education Program

Mental health foundation: Gatekeeper project

Mental wellness is essential for our work and living. The mental health and wellness of our next generation is of great importance. Various studies point out that the onset of some mental disorders, such as depression, is earlier than before and now, the age of onset of the illness can be as early as 13 years old. Mood disorders like depression, if not detected and treated, will have adverse effect on the growth and development of the teenagers who suffer from such problems. In children and adolescents, up to 90 percent of the suicide are related to mental health problems.

Gatekeeper project is our pilot program tailor-made in response to the increasing trend of youth suicide and the recommendations made in the recent report of the Committee on Prevention of Student Suicides. It aims to improve the mental health and psychological well-being of teachers, students and parents in our community and enhance the ability for them to be more aware of mental health problems.