Mindfulness & WRAP® Workshop 2018

Living in this fast-paced city, people are usually occupied. Since there is much concern on mental health, Foundation organizes a series of activities to enhance people’s mental wellness. Let’s reserve some time for ourselves starting from today. 


Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in present moment and non-judgmentally. In services of self understanding, wisdom and compassion (Jon Kabat-Zinn, 2014).

Course Tutor: Dr. Alfert Tsang

Dr. Tsang Wai Kiu Alfert is a specialist in psychiatry and served in a number of major psychiatric hospital for 20 years. Dr. Tsang used to be the team head of the psychiatric rehabilitation team and is interested in the recovery of the psychiatric patient. Dr. Tsang is also involved in training of mental health professional in Hong Kong. He is the honorary clinical associate professor of the department of psychiatry of the University of Hong Kong and part time lecturer of department of psychiatry of the Chinese university of Hong Kong.

Dr. Tsang is also interested in mindfulness based psychotherapy. He is a qualified mindfulness teacher for Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), Mindfulness matters and Mindfulness in schools project. He is also a mindfulness teacher for MY mind program (Mindfulness training for Youth with ADHD, Youth with ASD and parallel Mindfulness parenting training).

WRAP®  (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

“Wellness Recovery Action Plan®”, or WRAP®, developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD is a personalized wellness development program. Its five key concepts including hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support are employed to enhance participants’ awareness and abilities in dealing with health problems, daily maintenance plan and crisis planning. WRAP® focused on training participants to develop their own ‘Wellness Toolbox’ in order to cope with life changes, to maintain positive thinking, and to stay as healthy as possible (New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, 2017).

Studies have shown that by learning WRAP®, participants had gained significant improvement in

1)      Symptom reduction

2)      Increase hopefulness and positive thinking

3)      Improved self-confidence

Course Tutor: Dr. Cheung Ching Ping

Dr. Cheung Ching Ping is a specialist in psychiatry, serving Kowloon Hospital Psychiatric Department for nearly 10 years before he eventually joined private service. During his career, Dr. Cheung has focused primarily in promoting recovery and improving wellbeing of psychiatric patients.

Dr. Cheung is a qualified “Wellness Recovery Action Plan®” (WRAP) facilitator and he has hold WRAP workshops inside the hospital for service users. Dr. Cheung has also delivered talks to schools and community promoting the importance of mental wellbeing.

Course Tutor: Ms. Lo Yuen Man Katherine

Ms. Lo Yuen Man Katherine is a registered social worker in the elderly services. Ms. Lo worked in New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association – The Wellness Centre as a mental health education officer to promote well-being and recovery in public and in school to arouse public awareness about mental health.

Ms. Lo is a qualified “Wellness Recovery Action Plan®” (WRAP) facilitator, and she has experience holding WRAP workshops for different target groups in public, including the Person-in-Recovery (PIRs) and their carers, students and public.

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