Episode 1: Introduction of Mental Illness

Practice Mindfulness with Mental Health Foundation

In each episode, we invite different psychiatrists or professionals to share their insights, allowing everyone to explore the various aspects of mental health. Through the practice of mindfulness, we aim to help individuals establish harmony between their mind and body, cultivating a sense of inner peace.

In Hong Kong, one in seven individuals suffers from an emotional disorder. However, how much do we truly understand and care about mental health? When do we need to pay attention to the warning signs of emotional distress? How can we practice mindfulness, find stillness, and cultivate awareness? We will also provide a simple breathing exercise so that everyone can experience a sense of inner peace with each breath. 

Host: Mr. YEUNG Lok Sang (DJ Host), Ms. LEE San San (Ambassadors of Mental Health Foundation)

Gust: Dr. David LAU Ying Kit, Specialist in Psychiatrist

Event Sponsor: Lundbeck HK Limited

Part 1

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